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Title: Sinful Hunter

Description: Some strange creatures are invading your town! Something has to be done! You as one of the best hunters and shooters in your area were chosen to go there and deal with those insect-like creepy creatures and eliminate them all, before they destroy you!!!

Game Walkthrough: Here you are, right in the middle of the game screen, prepared to take out those monsters! They are emerging really quickly, so you have to be very careful and watchful all the time, and as soon as you notice them approaching you, to be ready to shoot at them. Point your mouse cursor on them and when you are ready, just click to shoot. You can see your health bar, level and score at the bottom part of the game screen! This game has pretty simple graphics and scheme, as well as goal, but you will be animated all the time!

Game Instructions: Use your archery skills to hunt down all those creepy creatures. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. But you can also move around the area using the arrow keys. So use the up arrow key to move forward, the down arrow key to move backward, the left/ right to move left/right! Be fast and destroy them before they destroy you!!!

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Added: 17 August 2011
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